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Since 1960, Marian Home has provided a nurturing, faith-based community to help seniors in Fort Dodge, IA, maintain their independence, quality of life, and dignity. We offer senior apartments, therapy services, and daily activities to better engage our residents and empower our community.
Marian Home and Village Fort Dodge, IA

Marian Home & Village

As part of our state-licensed, long-term, rehabilitative care facility, Marian Home & Village always puts our residents first and at the center of the decision-making process to help ensure their quality of life.

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Marian Home and Village Fort Dodge, IA

What We Offer

Marian Village - Independent Living

The Marian Village is an independent living program for retirees who are not in need of nursing care or personal assistance.

At Marian Village, you can live your days any way you’d like. You can enjoy maximum comfort and privacy in your own apartment with a full list of convenient services and amenities, including lawn care, snow removal, scheduled transportation, daily meals, light housekeeping, security, and more. You can also take advantage of our community living areas, social programs, and group activities.

If you and your family would like to take a tour of our independent living facility, reach out or call 515-576-1138 today. We look forward to speaking with you!

Marian Home - Nursing Care

Marian Home & Village is committed to helping our residents thrive physically, socially, psychologically, and spiritually. Our staff of Medicare-certified nurses provide round-the-clock, personalized care for each resident. Our goal is to provide comfort, encourage independence, and give our residents the care they need to feel their best.

As part of our mission, we provide specialized long-term care to help those residents who struggle with disabilities and chronic illness. In 2019, we completed construction of our new Summit Rehabilitation Center, where we provide ongoing physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, wound therapy, and fall management.

Summit Rehabilitation

Our experienced and caring therapists are hands-on and offer comfort and encouragement. They deliver the latest techniques with state-of-the-art equipment to improve patients’ lives after physical challenges or illness, with the primary focus to return you to your highest practical well-being. If returning home is your goal, our team of therapists, nurses, nurse practitioners, and caregivers will work tirelessly to assist you in making that happen.

  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Neurological Disorders
  • Speech Therapy
  • Wound Care
  • Fall Reduction
  • Pain Management
  • Incontinence Program
Summit Rehabilitation, Marian Home senior living, Fort Dodge, IA


Room, Board & Amenities

What does room & board include?

Room and board at Marian Village includes your own independent living unit, catered meals, handicapped-accessible bathrooms, access to our lounge, emergency nurse services, laundry on the premises, community activities, daily church services, & more.

What is the cost per room?

The cost per room depends on size and which area of the building you choose. We currently offer 28 independent living units, including 2-bedroom, 1-bedroom, studios, and single room apartments. If you would like to learn more about cost, reach out to our office.

Are tours of rooms available?

Yes. Families may view rooms so residents can visualize what they would like to bring with them.

What is included in each room?

Each room comes with a phone, TV, bedding, and toiletry items. Adult briefs are also available.

Is assisted living provided?

We do not have assisted living at this time. Our independent living facility is designed to help residents maintain their independence and achieve a higher quality of life. Our senior apartments are part of our larger independent living area, and we also provide three meals daily and light housekeeping.

Do you provide transportation?

Yes. We provide transportation for residents. In some cases, there may be a $5 transport fee.

Are there visiting hours?

No. Our facility has locked doors at all times. Families who are visiting residents will need a code to access our building.

Is someone available to do repairs on clothing?

Yes. We have someone available to assist.


Where are activities held?

Most activities take place in Halverson Hall. If Halverson Hall is unavailable, we will hold activities in one of the dining areas.

Can my family attend activities?

Yes. Everyone is welcome!

Do I have to stay for the full activity?

No. You do not have to stay for the whole activity.

Is there a place available for my family & I to have a private event?

Yes. Halverson Hall, our conference rooms, and our dining areas are available for private family events. If you would like to learn more, call  Pam or Laura at 515-574-5906.

Can my family bring food for my roommate or tablemates?

Yes. Family can bring food in for you and your tablemates/roommate. Please have them check with the nursing staff first as some residents may be on special diets that we need to follow.

Therapy & Rehabilitation Services

Do you provide dementia care?

Yes. We offer dementia care for mild to moderate cases. If your loved one wanders, becomes aggressive or combative towards others, or looks for doors to exit, we as a facility may encourage you to seek a higher level of care.

Is therapy available?

Yes. We offer physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, fall management, and wound therapy. We also have a Medicare-certified nursing staff.

Personal Care

What do all residents need to bring from home?

Residents must bring their own clothing and any CPAP machines they may need to use. Our facility will provide O2 for residents who need it.

Can residents bring their own medication?

No. Only VA medication can be brought from home.

What can residents bring?

Residents should bring clothing they’ll need and any bedding they want to bring (we also provide bedding.) They may also bring pictures.

What if my family member has a special diet?

Our facility can accommodate most diets. If necessary, your loved one can meet with our dietician upon arrival.

Can we take residents out to eat or to visit family?

Yes. Families are allowed to take residents out. Residents under SNF care may not leave. If you have any questions, please feel free to call our office at 515-576-1138.

Does laundry usually get washed & returned the same day?

Yes. Our laundry staff will usually return washed laundry the same day it’s received.

What if someone has sensitive skin?

We can provide residents with gentle detergent that’s safe to use on the skin.

Can my loved one continue to use their hairdresser?

Yes. Your loved one may continue to visit their hairdresser. Other hairdressers also have access to our beauty shop.

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Marian Home and Village Fort Dodge, IA

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